Team StarKid FlashMob UK

Tumblr blog of StarKid FlashMob UK Took place on 25th August 2012 at Trafalgar Square, London.

*From the organisers of Darren Criss FLASHMOB UK*
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I organised the Darren Criss Flashmob UK and StarKid Flashmob UK last year and I’m organising one to help promote Always Love UK’s upcoming concert. If you have any interest at all in joining in the fun, please email me your name, age and location to and I will send you details and regular updates of the flashmob plans!

Please reblog :)

Hey guys, please contact me if you’re willing to take part in another flashmob. There will be no dancing this time, but we will be singing It’s Time by Imagine Dragons and if its half as good as you guys sounded at the Starkid Flashmob then I’m sure it will be awesome!


You don’t have to be a street team member, all you have to be is a fan of Darren Criss that wants him to come to the UK to see us! We need as many people as possible so please reblog, tweet and share on facebook. Lets give Darren as many reasons as possible to come to the UK.

Unfortunately, not enough HD footage was taken of the actual flashmob to make a HD youtube video BUT enough footage was taken throughout the whole process to make a type of documentary type video instead which will be compiled together for a DVD to send to Starkid. So, we need some contributions from you guys, whether you attended the flashmob or not!

Please send in a video of yourself answering the following:
1. Who is your favourite Starkid?

2. What is your favourite Starkid production?
3. What is your favourite Starkid song?
4. Message to Starkid.

Keep your answers within a 1 minute time frame for each question. NO LONGER.

Email your videos to

Deadline: Wednesday 31st October (although I would prefer to have them way before this date!)



Rebecca Zoe (Opening act for Charlene Kaye)
Sebright Arms

Pheonix Artist Club
Club Surya

One of the nicest people I’ve ever met and the reason why Charlene Kaye was able to perform in London in the first place. Hope to see her perform again soon.

Fangirling over you, V! Thank you!

(can someone please invent a camera that won’t make my eyes red? i’m convinced there is not a camera in existence that can do this…)

Check out our organiser, Veronica with Rebecca Zoe, Charlene Kaye’s opening act in London. She also wore the flashmob bracelet given to her on Saturday to the Sunday show! Can you spot it? Check out Rebecca’s twitter HERE and check out her music! 

She was the opening act for Charlene Kaye at her London shows, made it possible for Charlene to be able to perform in the first place as well as a great singer/songwriter. She was given the bracelet on Saturday and was wearing it at the last show on Sunday - a great supporter of StarKid FlashMob UK!




Great pictures!